McEwen Gisvold LLP is committed to the highest level of professionalism and excellence in our legal services and client relationships.


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We take pride in our ability to deliver elite legal services through an efficient and personalized practice model. We strive to understand our clients' businesses with the same depth and care as the areas of law we practice. Our partnerships with clients often span decades, with relationships founded on dependability, consistency and exceptional results.

One of Oregon’s original law firms, McEwen Gisvold LLP was founded in 1886 as Cake & Cake. We are now located in the Standard Plaza building in downtown Portland, eight blocks from our original location and more than 125 years from our beginnings. Our attorneys remain committed to a long and established tradition of community service, industry influence, and professional accomplishment. 

As when it was founded, McEwen Gisvold LLP attorneys practice business law and litigation with an emphasis in real estate services, are forward-facing and passionate about professional growth, and continually invest in service to the community. 

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